Thousands of Hair Transplantation Experiences Over 20 Years…

Aesthetic, Natural Hair Transplantation Result…

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Thousands of Hair Transplantation Experiences Over 20 Years…

We have been using the Follicular Unit Transfer method until 2006, the Manual Follicular Unit Extraction method between 2006 and 2009, and the combination of Motor and Manual methods since 2009.
When the artistic approach is combined with experience and up-to-date knowledge developing every day, natural hair transplantation can be achieved.

Aesthetic, Natural Hair Transplantation Result…

The artistic approach

It is the process of determining the hairline and the areas to be covered before hair transplantation by evaluating the patient’s facial model, skin type, hair structure and donor capacity.
Current scientific advances and technology.
Hair transplantation technology and application is a continually developing and renewed application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation
It is the process of removing hair follicles in a strip from the region programmed not to fall out at the back of the head and transplanting them after they are separated into roots outside the body. After the grafts are removed, the opening in the skin area where the strip is removed is closed with sutures.
The root separation process is performed with the help of a specially developed microscope, and natural hair islands are obtained. Transplantation is as in the FUE method. The healing process will take approximately ten days to wash, shedding the shells and removing the sutures. The procedure should be performed entirely painless under local anesthesia.
A microscope should be used to distinguish roots. Doctors and assistants who will make hair separation should have at least 500 patient experiences. However, satisfactory and natural results can be achieved in these conditions.

There is no need to cut the hair short.
Since hair root separation is performed under a microscope, more hair strands can be obtained from the same number of roots.
Since grafts are not collected individually as in the FUE method, the operation lasts shorter.
Hair transplantation can also be performed on people with insufficient donor area.
If new hair transplantation sessions are needed later, more efficient new sessions can be performed due to less donor damage.

1. There may be a 1-4 mm wide scar that can remain for a lifetime in the area where the hair is removed.
2. The healing process is slightly longer than hair transplantation with FUE.
3. It does not allow the use of alternative donor areas other than the standard donor.
4. Since the scalp is removed, numbness or numbness may occur after the operation.
5. Pain and pain occur more after the operation due to suturing.
6. It is not an appropriate method for patients with a predisposition to Keloid disease.

FUT is a procedure that requires experience.
When removing the skin strip, it is necessary to remove it without damaging the follicles on edge and then close the wound that will not leave a scar on the skin.
It takes years of extensive training to specialize in graft dissection technique.
FUT requires an excellent surgical team and experienced technicians.

1. It uses the most durable and permanent grafts of the donor region.
2. More hair follicles are obtained compared to the FUE method.
3. Follicle transection rate (wasted hair) may be much lower than FUE.
4. It may be a more appropriate method for hair with a very thick or fragile structure.
5. It allows you to obtain more grafts for subsequent sessions.
6. It can be done without shaving the donor area.
7. It does not leave an open wound; thus, it heals very quickly


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