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What is Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI)?

Direct Hair Implantation is a hair transplantation technique using a special DHI Pen, also called a DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen. With the general DHI technique, the extra graft is implanted directly into the recipient area.

Who are the Suitable Candidates for the DHI Technique?
1. Patients in need of frontal hairline transplantation
2. Eyelash-brow transplantation
3. Beard and mustache transplantation
4. Especially female patients who do not want to shave the area to be transplanted

By applying local anesthesia to the donor region, hair follicles are relaxed, and hair follicles are collected with a special pen. Then, the process of placing the collected hair follicles on the scalp is started thanks to this unique device.
The hair follicles are placed with the help of a special Choi pen. This pen has a skinny, pointed tip that can be inserted with hair follicles due to its unique structure. This fine-tipped medical pen, which is dipped in the scalp at an appropriate angle, places the hair follicle inside the scalp when pressed on the particular area behind it.
In a hair transplantation procedure with the Choi implanter pen, the collected follicles are separated from the excess skin and placed one by one in pen. This placement should be done very carefully and meticulously. After placing each hair follicle in your pen, it is placed into the skin by experienced assistants. After designing a customized hairline, the specialist performing the transplantation transplants at a 45-degree angle according to the natural direction of the patient’s hair. 2 to 6 Choi pens and an average of 15-16 Choi implanter tips are used in each session. The tips of these pens should be used in different sizes determined according to the thickness and other characteristics of the patient’s hair follicles.

Choi hair transplantation method naturally has advantages and disadvantages over the FUE method. This method reduces the time it takes the grafts to come out of the body and provides healthier transplantation. As a result of a faster recovery process after surgery, the patient can return to his/her daily routine in a short time. The DHI pen method can be transplanted without shaving the area where the hair will be transplanted. The disadvantages, according to the FUE method, are as follows: The doctor and his/her clinical team must be experienced for hair transplantation. It is usually more costly than other hair transplantation methods.

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